Filipino Crossover Cuisine

A restaurant and bar with real flavours of the Philippines

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Welcome to Jeepney!

Jeepney is an intimate Filipino restaurant and bar situated at the posh Bygdøy allé in Oslo, Norway. We focus on quality and service, and want to provide an experience out of the ordinary.

What is a jeepney?

Jeepneys are the most popular means of public transportation in the Philippines. Originally, Jeepneys were based on a prolonged Jeep, which the Americans left behind in the country after World War II. The Jeepneys can be found in the whole country, but currently in the process of modernization. Tradionally, they are beautifully decorated by their owners and are preferably used in shuttle traffic, mainly in urban areas, but there are also examples of longer routes. The route is usually written along the sides of the vehicle and on its windshield.

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Bygdøy allé 19A 0262 Oslo

Street parking

Public transport:
Tram #12 Niels Juels gate (180 metres)
Bus #21 Lapsetorvet (350 metres)
Tram #13 or Bus #31 Solli plass (380 metres)
Tram #19 Inkognitogata (600 metres)


Jeepney welcomes you to an unforgettable evening out of the ordinary. Send us an email or call us to book a table.